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The Australian Music Video program Rage is celebrating its 30th year. They asked for public submissions, of 5 clips, and a reason why you picked them. Here is my submission (closes on April 7th):

These are all mesmerising (and underrated?) story-telling clips that leave you shaken, or highly reflective, at the end. 

The stories here are about the potentially fragile relationships between your friends, close family, juxtaposed to your perception of reality. Other people, including yourself, are valuable things. Sometimes there are consequences to your actions, and sometimes fate does things that are out of your control. Sometimes people are unhinged, or become so. Live well and be kind to each other is the message I get out of these videos. Don't take things for granted.

I hope you enjoy the clips, they're excellent.

Little Motel - Modest Mouse

After Hours - We are Scientists

Fineshrine - Purity Ring

The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes